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By CN Staff

By Josh Wayner via TTAG

Today on State Your Case we’re taking a look at two of the most hotly debated and widely carried cartridges of our day and putting them head-to-head: the 9mm and .40 S&W. The only thing I ask is that when you state your case about what I write here, at least try to be composed. Here we go.

The 9mm (9x19mm Luger, NATO, etc.) is probably the most common centerfire pistol round on the market today. There is no denying that fact, like it or not. To balance this article properly, we will start by looking at some points that make the 9mm less desirable than the competition. Firstly, the 9mm isn’t widely known for its power. When I talk to owners of the .40, I hear that they went with it over the 9mm because they says it isn’t powerful enough for general carry and duty use. This is both true and untrue.

The standard 9mm, when loaded with anything in the 115gr-147gr FMJ style, isn’t a great performer. It penetrates well, but due to low frontal area and a ‘pointy’ bullet profile, it tends to lack in tissue damage and ‘stopping power’. Yes, …Read the Rest

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