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By Dan Zimmerman


By Louis K. Bonham

As longtime readers may recall, TTAG T&E Editor Nick Leghorn had an intriguing challenge a few years back: to come up with a complete rifle for under $500 that would allow an average shooter to reliably make 1000 yard shots — which I interpret as ringing the 30″ gong at Best of the West’s 1000 yard range. However, while Nick was able to do it for under $1000, his effort at a low budget long-ranger came up short. I’m going to attempt Nick’s challenge, but I’m try it from a different angle. Rather than starting with a budget-priced modern rifle, I’m going to use a classic milsurp battle rifle: the Swiss Karabiner Model 1931, better known as the K31 . . .

K32 Swiss rifle in action, some 76 years after manufacture. #gun #k31

A video posted by The Truth About Guns (@guntruth) on Apr 16, 2015 at 1:56pm PDT

Why the K31? For starters, it’s a work of art. As reviewed here, it’s a straight pull action that just exudes fine Swiss craftsmanship. Its 7.5×55 ammo is ballistically comparable to 30.06 or .308, with an …read more

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