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By gunwriter Rifle hunters are lazy and often careless with their practice. They spend too much time at the shooting bench, shooting groups at little square or circular targets. Deer season arrives and they miss that big buck, because they did not know where to aim, because they had never seen anything like that in their sights before. Archery hunters routinely practice on life-like, 3-D targets. Cops shoot at targets that look like bad guys, and the military shoots at targets that look like their enemy. Why? It makes sense. You need to train your eye to talk to your trigger finger and you do that by creating visual impressions your mind can access when under stress. MGM Target’s very affordable Sportsman Long Range Target Kit and a used 3D archery target – or even a new and affordable 3D target – will let you create a target that is perfectly suited for the deer hunter. It’s not heavy or expensive and you can set it up just about anywhere. Check out the video. Just the other day a friend dropped by the Shadowland Range to check the zero on his deer rifle. This obviously meant he had not been shooting it. …Read the Rest

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