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By Dan Zimmerman


Ben Haulenbeek writes:

On the national stage, Vermont is a state known for ice cream, maple syrup, and progressive politics; but within the firearms community, Vermont is well known for being a sanctum of gun rights that debunks the mainstream media’s narrative about firearms. Up until this year, the only item tarnishing the state’s otherwise gun-friendly reputation was an ill-conceived fish and game law restricting the manufacture and ownership of suppressors. If you were caught with a can, it you’d lose it and be assessed a very hefty $25 fine. That all changed in July of 2015 when H.5, legislation allowing suppressors, passed into law. While Vermonters still can’t hunt with suppressors, the floodgates are now open and people in the state are buying cans so fast that dealers can barely keep them in stock . . .

Enterprising ventures, such as Sirearms, a subsidiary of 802Traders created shortly after the passing of H.5, were quick to jump on the opportunity to get into the suppressor game. Shortly after learning of their existence, I reached out to Sirearms’ owner, Shawn Straffin, who offered to take me to the range and get some trigger time with …Read the Rest

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