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By Tom Knighton

Recently, I took some serious issue with doctors who focus on the topic of guns. There’s a reason, of course. The American Medical Association, an organization that many think speaks for the medical community as a whole or, at the very least, all doctors, has been beating the anti-gun drum for quite some time, and it’s ticking me off.

However, a doctor recently reached out to me and took issue with my comments. You see, it appeared to him and a few other physicians that I believe all doctors are anti-gun, at least in that post.

Because of that, I want to take a moment to clarify a few things.

In that post linked above, I argue that my ownership of a gun isn’t a doctor’s business. As a general rule, I stand by that. I don’t want my doctor, who may or may not know the first thing about firearms, to lecture me on the “evils” of having a gun in the house. As I said, it’s none of their business.

There are times that change, of course.

If I or someone in my family is suicidal or, God forbid, homicidal, it matters. It makes sense for a doctor to ask …Read the Rest

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