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By Dean Weingarten


The RG23 is the quintessential cheap handgun and never had a good reputation. Many owners have claimed a lack of reliability, so I suspect that quality control wasn’t in the same class as the old Smith & Wesson revolvers. The rough trigger makes accuracy difficult, even for experienced shooters. The steel inserts in Zamak alloy construction are corrosion cells waiting to happen. The revolvers are so inexpensive, they are not economically worth repairing. They sold, in 1969, for 19.95. The current price on the used market is around $50. But, they are guns . . .

They will put a hole in someone most of the time, if the shooter does their part. More importantly, they’re recognizable as being a real gun. That’s important because in the vast majority of defensive gun uses, the person holding the gun doesn’t have to pull the trigger. They just have to show that they’re willing to shoot. Most guns used defensively are used for deterrence, rather than to injure or kill.

That is precisely what happened with the RG23 in the photo above.


When he came out they found the thief rummaging through his …Read the Rest

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