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Where necessary, the defensive shotgun employs modern accessories in order to meet the needs of the situation in which it is employed.

In my last defensive shotgun article, I discussed some of the advantages that the defensive shotgun platform holds over handguns and rifles. That’s all well and good, but if we’re going to have a proper examination of defnsive shotguns, we’ll need to identify which aspects of a shotgun make it ideal for fighting, rather than for hunting or competition. A great way to do this is to examine how defensive shotguns have evolved over time in order to respond to different threats and situations.

The shotgun’s roots extend way back. In fact, the concept of shooting multiple projectiles in order to cause a greater area of damage or to increase the likelihood of a hit is as old as firearms themselves. Muzzle loading small arms loaded with shot were often used in centuries past as weapons of war, and even cannons were sometimes loaded with so-called “grapeshot” for use against massed troops. The defensive shotgun as we know it today first took shape in the old west.
Lightweight and Compact

It’s easy to think of the shotgun as a large …Read the Rest

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