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Note: This article was originally posted on NRA Blog:

USA -( In the world of tactical firearms, operators are constantly searching for the next innovation, seeking ways to improve their tools to exceed environmental challenges and meet mission demands.

While the AR-15 and M4 platforms continue to age gracefully, several proposed replacements or complements have been introduced, pulling inspiration from the legendary rifles and carbines and adding new technologies to build a better gun. Among these modern carbines is ACR, short for Adaptive Combat Rifle.

(Photo courtesy/Magpul)

The ACR was initially developed by renowned accessory producer Magpul Industries, having originally been dubbed the “Masada Adaptive Combat Weapon System.” The Siege of Masada was one of the final events in the First Jewish-Roman War, wherein Jewish rebels had chosen death over slavery in resisting a siege attack by the Roman Empire in the year 73 CE.

Magpul engineered the Masada based on elements from a series of recent designs – namely the AR-15, Armalite AR-18, FN SCAR, and Heckler & Koch G36 – hoping to be able to produce a lightweight modular rifle platform. Combined what Magpul considered the best assets of each of …Read the Rest

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