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By Ammoland

.338 Fusion MSR

By Nathan S.

Thumper – A .338Federal AR-10
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.338 Fusion MSR :
Thumper - A .338Federal AR-10
Thumper – A .338Federal AR-10

After a couple months of casual searching I found an in-stock quality 18” .338 Federal barrel from JP Enterprise.

My brother called in a favor to Witt Machine & Tool and had a custom sized muzzle break (their Muzzle Rise Eliminator – MRE) made to fit the barrel.

We decided on a 15” Slim Quad style hand guard and Mission First Tactical furniture.

Soon Thumper was born (they use in-house “Birth Certificates” to describe a custom build. So it’s only natural to say Thumper was born.)

Next we discussed what hunting optic I needed. It is clear that the .338 Federal caliber is NOT a long distance caliber, so a high powered optic would probably be a waste of effort and money.

As my brother describes this caliber: “…within 400 yards its Thor’s Hammer. After that it is like calling in artillery…”

<img src="" alt="Thumper – A .338Federal AR-10 " width="600" height="334" srcset=" 600w,×125.jpg 225w,×251.jpg …Read the Rest

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