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By Chris Eger

With items ranging from dozens of M1903 rifles to WWII Japanese samurai swords, Carson Long Military Academy had a great collection (Photos: Cordier’s)
An iconic Pennsylvania-based military prep school has gone out of business and the contents of its armory are going to the auction block.
Located in New Bloomfield, Carson Long Military Academy had a history that goes back to 1836 but announced this summer that, due to declining admissions, the institution would not reopen for the 2018-2019 school year. As a part to close out its holdings, the school contracted with Cordier’s Auctions in Harrisburg to sell the contents of the school’s armory, and it is an interesting collection.
Among the 400 cataloged items are two dozen M1903 rifles in a number of conditions including 13 Smith Coronas, six Remington A3s, and a Springfield nickel parade rifle. Additionally, there are rifled actions available.

Historic weapons include four Pennsylvania Long rifles with guns by renowned Perry and Lancaster county gunsmiths John Shuler, Daniel Crum, and William Sweger.
In addition, there are other military rifles including an FN FAL semi-auto, an M1917 Eddystone, a Winchester 1873 rifle marked “59 Atlanta Police” on the receiver, an 1884 Trapdoor Springfield, and a Japanese Type 99 rifle.



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