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Unofficial pic of Barry and Hillary on Air Force One after FBI announcement

FOX NEWSFBI Director James Comey took no questions after his statement on Hillary Clinton’s email server.

Here are some of the most likely questions he would have gotten if he had:

1. You said that anyone in Hillary Clinton’s position would have at least faced administrative or other sanctions for their behavior. Would you outline what type of sanctions have been applied in the past? Would someone like Hillary Clinton be granted a security clearance after violations of this kind?

2. You stated that the handling of top secret classified material by Hillary Clinton and her aides was “extremely careless.” Lawyers say that is the definition of the “gross negligence” statute that provides for prosecution of anyone who allows classified information to be mishandled. What is the difference between those terms in your opinion, and is there a legal difference?

3. Some people with government security clearances have been accused and prosecuted for mishandling classified material through gross negligence. Do you have any message for them, given your decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton or her aides?

4. You mentioned that some of the classified information was marked as classified when …Read the Rest

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