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By John Scott

Nothing compares to the feeling of lining up a string of shots that result in a single (more or less) ragged hole in the target. The satisfaction one feels from a tight shot grouping comes from hard work, practice and preparation. Throwing lead downrange at distance with pinpoint accuracy can be challenging on many different levels. As a shooter, one has to deal with a myriad of environmental conditions, work up suitable cartridge loads and even manage one’s own body to perform efficiently.

Precision shooting can be challenging, but getting your rifle outfitted doesn’t need to be. It wasn’t long ago that upgrading a precision bolt gun meant spending thousands of dollars at a specialized gunsmith. Over the past few years, aftermarket companies have created a whole host of off-the-shelf parts dedicated to the home armorer that allow them to upgrade and effortlessly outfit their rifles to fit their needs with nothing more than a few common hand tools.

If you are looking to upgrade your Remington Model 700 rifle, you’ll want to take a look at Magpul’s line of Hunter 700 stocks. Available for both short and long actions, the …Read the Rest

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