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By Tim

Photo courtesy of AP

Photo courtesy of AP

The headlines could have been somewhat different had this elderly Georgia man’s weapon not had a misfire after trying to shoot the thief in his face.

The 74 year old’s name is not being released at this time. Jodi, 46; Mary, 41; and Vantella, 37 have all been charged with second degree robbery.

According to Decatur Daily the victim “told officers that a friend of his stopped by his residence Thursday accompanied by two women, identified by police as Jodi Strange and Mary Beard. The man told the officers he didn’t know either of the women. He said the women asked to borrow $25 but he told them no because he didn’t know them. However, he did loan the money to his friend.

Around 9 p.m. the two women came back to the victim’s house with a male, identified by police as Vantella Malone, the victim told police. The victim said they entered his home uninvited.”

Vantella picked up a clothes line and wanted it for scrap metal. The elderly man refused , and that is when Vantella grabbed the old man by the throat and threatened him. While the ladies went rummaging through the house for quick cash, …read more

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