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Disabled 71-year-old Tony Pitts was watching TV in bed at home in Hickory, N.C. when he heard his sliding glass door shatter. Pitts retrieved a .22-caliber pistol, went to investigate and saw a man coming through the broken door. Pitts responded to the threat by firing at the criminal, striking him twice. The home invader was taken to a hospital and is reported to be in stable condition.
Following the incident, Pitts told a reporter, “I didn’t want to but had to… If I hadn’t shot him, he might have shot me. I don’t know.” A friend of Pitts was supportive, adding, “He did the right thing I would have done the same thing… These people are dangerous you know. Hate to shoot people like that, but these people make you shoot them.” …Read the Rest

Source:: NRA-ILA

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