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By Guns ‘n’ Freedom

71 year old woman stops robbery with her 9mm handgun

When a 21-year-old thief walked into her store and said he wanted her car, the 71-year-old store owner replied, “So do I.”

Janet Willis, owner of Buckhead Grocery, hit the panic button under the counter, but this only caused the crook to become more forceful and demanding.

“He said ‘I have killed my mother, then he mumbled something and said he had stolen a van and he was going to kill me if I didn’t give him the keys.” Willis said the man followed her while she went to retrieve the car keys.

According to, when a customer who was in the store came out of the bathroom the would-be-robber turned his head and that’s when 5’1 Willis grabbed a 9mm handgun she keeps in the store for self-defense.

“When he turned around I said ‘I’ll blow your guts all over this store.’” “Then I led him out.” Willis said she kept the gun pointed at Dennis as he rushed out of the store. He then, reports state, got into a 2008 Chevrolet Uplander with a flat rear tire and left, driving on Parks Mill Road until sparks from the vehicle’s rim caught the Uplander on fire. The Uplander had been …Read the Rest

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