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By Rodney Lee Conover


The US has over 30 million whitetail, blacktail, mule deer and millions of hunters in pursuit of them.

However, the quality of deer hunting varies immensely from area to area. Below are the 7 worst places for deer hunting you might want to consider avoiding.


The United States is home to over 30 million whitetail, blacktail, and mule deer, and millions of hunters hit the woods each year in pursuit of them. While there are populations of deer in all 50 states, the quality of deer hunting can vary quite a bit from state to state and even within individual states.

Theoretically, it is possible to successfully bag a deer virtually any place where deer live. However, some places are clearly better or worse than others. Lots of ink has been spilled about the best places to hunt deer over the years, but not nearly as much attention has been paid to the worst places for deer hunting in the United States.

What areas constitute the “best” or “worst” places for deer hunting varies depending on the individual hunter. There are always a few hunters who really know what they are doing and can be successful even when hunting …read more

Source:: Patriot Outdoor News

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