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By John Scott

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<div data-cycle-hash="ballf15-bp-accutac" data-cycle-desc="Accu-Tac SR-5 Bipod: Accu-Tac took a unique approach by designing and engineering the SR-5 Bipod with smaller-frame gun owners in mind. When its legs are deployed, it has the wide, stable stance required for repeatable, precise aiming. It attaches to Picatinny rails and easily mounts in seconds. Accu-Tac's innovative ratcheting leg-extension design allows the shooter to quickly pull out the legs to adjust to five different heights ranging from 6 to 10 inches. The legs are spring-loaded and, unlike other bipods, retract with the touch of a button. The SR-5's legs can be deployed 90 degrees straight down or angled at 45 degrees either forward or backward, locking securely into five positions through a range of 180 degrees." data-cycle-overlay-template="{{desc}}“>

<div data-cycle-hash="ballf15-bp-bt" data-cycle-desc="B&T Industries BT10-LW17 V8 Atlas Bipod: When the Atlas hit the market, it made waves in the industry, and rightfully so. This bipod took the precision-shooting world by storm with its stability, ease of use, light weight and long list of useful features. This version of the Atlas mounts directly to any 1913-style Picatinny-style rail via the built-in ADM …read more

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