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By Dave Bahde

riflescope aiming left angle

leupold riflescope covered
leupold riflescope open
leupold riflescope mounted
leupold riflescope turrets
leupold riflescope lens cover
leupold riflescope covered

Get All The Glass You Need

Determine the intended use for your AR and what ranges you will encounter. The definition of “long range” depends on your area and rifle configuration. If 500 yards is the farthest you’ll shoot, there is no need for a 25X riflescope; 16X and similar scopes offer plenty of magnification and often cost much less. If you are heading towards 1,000 yards, 25X magnification is fine, but you can get much higher. Just remember that mirage makes super-high-power scopes useless, so know your area. They are also a pain to mount. Get what you need, maybe a bit more, but don’t go overboard.

By Once, Cry Once

Don’t mount a $300 riflescope on a $3,000 precision rifle. Lenses cost money; the better the lens, the …Read the Rest

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