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By G. Halek

Concealed carriers know: ain’t nothing free when it comes to firearms. Training, ammunition, magazines, cleaning equipment, permit fees… And let’s not forget the handgun itself.

That’s why we’re helping out our concealed carriers working covertly under the Christmas tree. Here’s a short list of 6 items that any concealed carrier could use — and all usually under $50.

This takes Secret Santa to a whole new level.

#6: Pocket flashlight

While we’d love to recommend a good laser/light combo that attaches under the 1913 rail of most modern pistols, it’s just not practical for many concealed carriers. With flashlight/laser attachment, you do get the instantaneous illumination and marking of targets. You don’t, however, get that good fit for many molded high retention inside the waistband holsters.

A good pocket flashlight is sturdy, waterproof, uses a durable lithium ion battery and fits in the pocket of the average jeans. It gives that concealed carrier an opportunity to illuminate a potential adversary or simply get some clarification in a darkened area.

It’s completely possible to get a good, durable pocket flashlight for under $50 and it’s sure to be helpful for that concealed carrier in your life.

#5: High Retention Inside The Waistband Holster

Believe it or not, for less …Read the Rest

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