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By Brandon

The holster you choose to house your firearm is an important (and hopefully informed) decision with many different factors. It’s just as an important part of your rig as your firearm, belt or ammo are. Instead of listing some holsters that I hate and some that I love, I’ll provide you with 5 important things to look for when choosing the perfect holster.

When I pick a holster to use personally, I have a very strict set of guidelines that I follow. Here they are, in no particular order.

1. Retention

Retention is the ability of your holster to keep the firearm where it should be. If you jump up and down, is your firearm going to fall to the ground? Let’s hope not. If it could, you’re going to want better retention. Too little could allow for this to happen, while too much retention could make it difficult to draw. A holster that allows for adjustable retention is helpful, but just make sure — at the very least — that the holster you choose as adequate retention for what you’re doing. Or could do.

2. Ride Height and Cant Adjustment

Generally for IWB holsters, the ride height can be an important part of getting …Read the Rest

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