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In case you didn’t know, I’m not popular with the crowd that worships at the altar of mil-spec. Yes, it does guarantee a certain level of gear, but in a lot of instances, it is really old technology. Why do I mention this? Many people ask me, “What is the best ready-to-go AR-15?” I don’t name a mil-spec worshipped brand. I simply tell them, “Almost any brand that has been through the Sweeney Checklist.”

So, what do we check?

Is your key staked? If it isn’t, you’re asking for trouble. Buy or borrow a MOACKS and get it staked. This one is proper.

Gas Key

Is your gas key tight? This is the little spigot on the top of the carrier. Pull your bolt/carrier assembly out of the upper receiver. Grab the key and try to move it. If it shows the slightest bit of wiggle, you’re cruising for a malfunction. If yours is still tight, look closely at it. Is the carrier staked? This means that the screws that hold it on had the edge of the hole peened over to trap that screw in place, immovable. If not, get it peened.

Now, there is one company, Yankee Hill, that does not stake AR-15 …Read the Rest

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