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By Jeromy Knepp

Varmint hunting offers a bevy of benefits, but we’ve narrowed it down to five. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/
Offering a hunt with low pressure and a lot of fun, has collected some reasons why you should take to the fields for varmints.
1. Great starter for kids
With video games and television inundating kids daily, a trip to the field clears the clutter of life and provides a great bonding moment between parents and children. Unlike deer hunting, you can walk and talk leisurely. Even better, with most varmint seasons running late spring to early fall, staying warm isn’t an issue making it a more comfortable experience. The Savage Rascal is a single-shot, bolt-action 22 LR rifle perfect for little ones learning muzzle discipline and marksmanship. This low-pressure, high success scenario will likely get the kiddos hooked.
2. Leisure
Varmint hunting can be a leisurely activity for many hunters. (Photo: Jeromy Knepp/
Don’t like sitting in tree stands for long hours? Don’t like standing in snow? Varmint hunting isn’t quite as intense as other hunts, often allowing for time to relax. I often carry a lawn chair and table out to my favorite locations, setting up shop in the morning and actively hunting until around noon.


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