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By Caleb


We all know that we always need to carry our damn guns. Concealed carry without the gun is just…a regular day, I guess? I don’t know, but I do know that a lot of people don’t think about what they’re carrying beyond the gun. I’m not talking about pointless tactical accessories here either; I don’t need an IFAK or 30 meters of 550 cord on a daily basis, I don’t carry three spare reloads and two extra guns. But here are the five things that I believe are must haves when I’m carrying concealed. I’m not going to put “a good holster” on the list, because you should know that already…

1. A good belt
Right now, I’m wearing the TacShield Tactical Gun Belt, which was sent to us for review, and I really like it.

You don’t have to buy this specific belt, and if “tactical” belts aren’t your speed, there are plenty of good looking leather gunbelts out there that will also do the job. But a belt is important! When you’re carrying a gun, the belt is doing 90% of the work of keeping that gun where it’s supposed to be. A piece of s*** wal-mart belt …Read the Rest

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