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By Patrick Roberts

5 Facts About Glock You Probably Didn't Know
5 Facts About Glock You Probably Didn’t Know

USA -( There are a ton of facts about America’s most popular poly pistol that most people don’t know but here are 10 things that you probably didn’t know about Glock, even if you are a passionate gun enthusiast. Many of these facts are pulled from the excellent book by Paul Barrett called Glock: The Rise Of America’s Gun.

While many feel that the Glock is uninteresting, there are some facts about the pistol’s development and other interesting facts that might grab your attention.

Maritime Spring Cups Standard?

Traditionally Glock has not offered the coveted maritime spring cups to civilian Glock owners, much less offered a pistol with them installed from the factory.

The maritime cups are designed to allow water to flow past the spring cups after the pistol is submerged in water. With standard spring cups, the striker can become hydro locked and fail to have enough speed to ignite a primer if there is water in the striker channel.

Standard Spring cups on left, Maritime spring cup on right. …Read the Rest

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