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By Terril James Herbert

1848 Dragoon 44 caliber revolver, upper left; 1861 Navy 36 caliber revolver, middle; 1848 Baby Dragoon 31 caliber revolver, right. (Photo: Terril Herbert)
Is there anything more enjoyable than making smoke—in a healthy way? I am talking about black powder, of course.
Touch off a black powder firearm and it gets everyone’s attention, from the cloud of blank smoke and jet of flames to the loud cough of the report. The peculiar aesthetics are also something people take note of, but nothing is quite as fulfilling as putting old-timey lead on paper or an appropriate game animal. Prices on currently made models are lower than ever. Combine that with the low cost of shooting and maintenance and it means now is the time to get into this sport if you have ever been on the fence.
Unsurprisingly, black powder revolvers are especially prevalent now as many new black powder shooters start out owning one of these wheelguns. All of these weapons offer repeat firepower and a heartfelt nostalgia for the romantic Old West…
But which are the best?
When evaluating a black powder revolver, four factors come to mind: historical accuracy, handling, reliability, and price. Firearms like the LeMat, the Starr Army, and the Colt


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