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By Josh Wayner

.450 Bushmaster Today's Choice Hunting Cartridge - Part 1

Gun writer, Josh Wayner, begins his article series on the .450 Bushmaster.

.450 Bushmaster Today’s Choice Hunting Cartridge – Part 1

GRAND RAPIDS, MI USA – -( In this article series we will be taking a look at a what is fast becoming a hunting mainstay in modern America : the .450 Bushmaster .

.450 Bushmaster

The .450 Bushmaster is a round that has grown immensely in popularity in the last few years. This year has proven to be an even better year for the cartridge, as it is receiving high marks with hunters all over due to the fact that ammunition and guns are increasing in number and quality.

This article will be looking at the development of the .450 Bushmaster and why exactly it is as popular as it is now. To understand this trend, we need to look at the laws and legal reasons that led to its current state. In recent years, many states, especially those in the midwest, have allowed the use of straight-walled cases for deer hunting. The idea is that these straight walled cases offer the hunter the use of a rifle as opposed to a shotgun. As shotgun technology increased, a 200 yard shot …Read the Rest

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