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By John A. Heatherly

48 Volunteers and a helicopter were required to clean up this mess. It is unbelievable but fortunate that this was found before it got any worse!

Video below:

DailyMail has more…

A Colorado man has been jailed for six months for dumping more than four tons of litter in a scenic national forest which took dozens of volunteers and a helicopter to clean up.

Benjamin Yoho, 41, lived and maintained a structure in Uncompahgre National Forest, north of the mountain town of Telluride, Colorado, for seven months.

From October last year, he was responsible for the ‘massive littering’ of an area near the Jud Wiebe Trail, a popular hiking spot, according to prosecutors.

In a statement, U.S. Attorney John Walsh said it required 48 volunteers and ‘numerous’ fire prevention and control workers to airlift it all out of the forest in May.

Yoho was sentenced to six months in federal prison for dumping 4.25 tons of litter, which included items taken from a so-called ‘Free Box’ in Telluride where residents recycle clothing and household goods.

Walsh said: ‘This was no ordinary case of littering in the National Forest.’

‘This was full-scale trashing of the public lands, and merited a term of incarceration.’

Yoho, …read more

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