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By Ballistic Magazine

Second Amendment rights have recently come under fire. Gun control advocates have specifically called the AR platform rifle and its merits into question.

So we turned to a panel of experts to give us their thoughts on the AR platform.

We tasked them with answering the question, “Why should every American be able to own an AR platform rifle?”

Our panel includes four familiar faces: Pat McNamara (TMACS Inc.), Fred Mastison (Force Options), Dave Bahde (Firearms and Tactics) and Kris “Tanto” Paronto (Battleline Tactical).

If you’re unfamiliar with those names, then you need to start reading more Ballistic Magazine.

Read what our four experts have to say below.

Pat McNamara

Every American has a right to protect himself. It is not only your right, but your responsibility. In an era of uncertainty, we need to be our own first responders. We cannot rely on law enforcement to assist us at a moment’s notice.

Intuition and situational awareness are traits we humans are born with. They are embedded in our hard drives to keep us away from harm. As a responsible citizen, we should also rely on mechanical advantages to increase our level of …Read the Rest

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