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By Scott Gara

Working out with a gun doesn’t have to be complicated, can help (Photo: Scott Gara/
For those of us who are looking to impress at the pool or lake this year it’s time to get the heart rate up and shed those extra pounds. Getting swoll and shredded doesn’t always jive with staying protected. What is a buff gun bro or bunny to do? Don’t worry we got you covered with a comprehensive list of ways to get in shape while incorporating your favorite firearm.
Take a defensive shooting or home defense class
Classes are a great way to get outside and put those guns to work. There are trainers in every state who offer some variation of a defensive shooting or home defense type class. Why are these types of classes beneficial? Defensive shooting classes often put the user in a heightened sense of awareness. A good trainer should push you to extend your abilities with your gun, naturally raising the heart rate.
If you’re lucky enough to live near a training center that offers a shoot house or a 270-degree range you’re able to employ dynamic movement, shooting on the move, breaking through barriers, and shooting around obstacles. All of which


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