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By Robert Jordan

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<div data-cycle-hash="gwa15-flashlights-asp" data-cycle-desc="ASP Scribe: While ASP remains best known for its expandable batons, its restraints and flashlights are also revolutionary. Designed by CEO Kevin Parsons, the ASP Scribe looks like an oversized pen and takes two AAA batteries. It features a temperature-controlled LED lamp for a purer, whiter light, and it comes with lithium batteries that last nine times as long as alkaline batteries. The tail cap has a pressure switch that offers momentary on/off control, or it clicks on with a bit more force. The Scribe has a continuous runtime of approximately 100 minutes. For intermittent use, 100 minutes typically means batteries will last six months to a year in my experience. Weighing slightly over 2 ounces, it was the lightest of the flashlights that I tested. Casting 150 lumens, this little penlight has a center spotlight that melts into a large, peripheral sphere. This was more than enough light for room clearings, and I liked the large area covered by the beam." data-cycle-overlay-template="{{desc}}“>

<div data-cycle-hash="gwa15-flashlights-blackhawk" data-cycle-desc="BlackHawk Night-Ops Ally L-3V: The BlackHawk Night-Ops line of flashlights fit well with the company's …read more

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