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By Daniel Terrill

Cody Wilson, left, was arrested in Taipei, Taiwan on Friday for charges sexual assault in Texas. (Photo: Central News Agency via Taiwan News)
Taiwanese authorities arrested 3D-printed gun advocate Cody Wilson in Taipei City on Friday, mere days after Texas authorities filed charges against him for sexual assault of a minor, Taiwan News reported.
Although there’s no extradition treaty between the U.S. and Taiwan, the American Institute of Taiwan moved to cancel Wilson’s passport, meaning he’ll no longer have a legal travel document, making deportation to the U.S. possible, according to the news report.
Texas and federal authorities launched an international manhunt for Wilson after learning of his whereabouts overseas and that he missed a scheduled return flight home. Wilson traveled to Taiwan earlier this month after allegedly being tipped off by the 16-year-old victim’s friend about the investigation into the sexual assault.
Shortly after the Austin Police Department filed charges against Wilson, reports of him moving through Taipei surfaced. When he arrived to Taipei, the 30-year-old checked into a luxury hotel before disappearing to another location.
However, a real estate agent who recognized Wilson as a wanted man by U.S. authorities alerted police that he had signed a six-month agreement for an apartment. The


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