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By Chris Eger

Facing criminal sexual assault charges, the high-profile leader of an effort to distribute digital gun plans resigned from his Texas-based company this week.
In an Austin press conference on Tuesday, Paloma Heindorff announced she was Defense Distributed‘s new director as well as CEO of Ghost Gunner, a sister company which markets a desktop CNC milling machine. With the company for the past three years as director of development and vice president of operations, Heindorff explained she was tapped as Wilson’s replacement.
“Cody Wilson tendered his resignation on Friday evening to focus on personal legal affairs,” she said. “Defense Distributed’s Board of Directors accepted his resignation and thus his role at the company has been completed.”
Wilson, 30, was booked into the Harris County Jail in Houston early Sunday on a $150,000 bond, after being expelled from Taiwan where he had reportedly fled once he was tipped off about charges stemming from a sexual encounter with a 16-year-old. A vocal pioneer in the field of 3D-printed gun files and the advocacy behind their dissemination, Wilson and DefDist has been fighting first the federal government and now a series of states and gun control advocates over the right to release such files since 2013.
Heindorff said


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