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By Tactical-Life

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<div data-cycle-hash="bergara-b-14-bmp" data-cycle-desc="Bergara B-14 BMP: The B-14 Bergara Match Precision (BMP) rifle is designed to meet several needs, from hunting and plinking to precision rifle competition. The chassis is made from 7075-T6 aluminum and incorporates quick-detach (QD) sling attachment mounts and Magpul M-LOK accessory mounting slots. This well-made precision rifle is sure to be popular in the growing precision rifle market." data-cycle-overlay-template="{{desc}}“>

<div data-cycle-hash="caracal-car814-a2" data-cycle-desc="Caracal CAR814 A2: Caracal's new CAR814 A2 is a direct-impingement rifle chambered in 5.56mm NATO that is originally designed for use in law enforcement and military applications. Available in semi-auto and select-fire configurations, the rifle is designed and engineered in accordance to NATO standards. The CAR814 A2 comes equipped with a Magpul MOE handguard that allows the end-user to configure the rifle to meet and exceed specific mission needs. " data-cycle-overlay-template="{{desc}}“>Caracal CAR814 A2 new rifles

<div data-cycle-hash="century-arms-c39v2" data-cycle-desc="Century Arms C39v2: All of Century Arms' C39v2 variants come with similar specs and some minor variations in terms of barrel length, gas systems and muzzle devices. However, Century's high production standards are consistent across all variants …Read the Rest

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