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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

The .32 Rimfire

by David LaPell
Someday some ammunition maker will realize that there are scores of these old guns in .32 Rimfire out there, without ammunition to shoot out of them.

The .32 Rimfire: Getting a Long Obsolete Round Back into Action

USA -( Ask most shooters what they know about the .32 rimfire and you’re bound to get more than a few confused looks as they try to grasp the fact that at one time, rimfire cartridges didn’t stop after .22 caliber. In fact, at one point in time .32 rimfire rounds were popular for both self-defense and small game hunting.

Smith & Wesson 1 1/2 Revolver
Smith & Wesson 1 1/2 Revolver in .32 Rimfire.

The first .32 rimfire was designed for the Smith & Wesson Number 2 revolver which was introduced in 1861 and was a larger version of their popular and sought after Number 1 in .22 Short.

The Number 1 was chambered for what was known as the .32 Long and in 1865, Smith & Wesson brought out their Number 1 ½ revolver in .32 Short.

Smith & Wesson made these …Read the Rest

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