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By Don Summers

When John “Skinny” Clarke isn’t shooting a Single Action Shooting Society match, he functions as the editor-in-chief of The Cowboy Chronicle, a quarterly publication dedicated to the craft of cowboy action shooting, which he describes as “the most fun you can have at a match.” We sat down with him to get some tips on what it takes to be a speed shooter in the world of skinning smoke wagons, working levers, and blasting scatterguns.
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1. Ditch the Production Parts
One of the first things to do to become a faster SASS Shooter is to ditch the production parts in favor of third-party options. Similar to other styles of competitive shooting, a variety of third-party companies create specific parts to help competitors achieve their goals and shave off some time. Clarke listed Wolff Gunsprings and Lee Springs as some of the best offering drop-in kits.
Clarke also advises familiarizing yourself with the gun’s internals and recognizing when parts need replacing. Replacing production springs and removing small imperfections often make you faster.
2. Get it “Slicked Up” Professionally
If the do-it-yourself treatment isn’t sufficient, the next step is


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