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By Brandon Curtis

I speak with new concealed carriers on a regular basis, and it’s no surprise that I get many questions that people tend to ask out of the gate. One of the questions that comes up the most is; How safe is it to carry with a round in the chamber?

I’ve covered this topic on numerous occasions, and maintain a calm discussion each and every time. By calm discussion, I mean that I never tell someone that they are ‘dumb’ or ‘crazy’ for not carrying with a round in the chamber? It’s completely counter-productive, because they are typically new to concealed carry and have legitimate questions. Every time I bring up this topic to the masses, I see comments flood in that make the people asking the questions feel inadequate and stupid.

Instead, let’s give them meaningful information that they can use to decide how they’d like to proceed. After all, it’s their choice as to how they carry their firearm.

I can sit here and tell a person that carrying with a round in the chamber in any modern firearm is safe, but it won’t ease all of the concerns. It takes experience, knowledge and training to be confident with a firearm, …Read the Rest

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