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By Dan Zimmerman

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If you’re carrying concealed, or just thinking about it, you should be prepared for anything. You have decided to protect yourself and others with your handgun should the need arise, so it pays to be sure you know what it takes. Every gun owner should be able to answer these three questions without hesitation . . .

1. Where can I carry concealed?

The more often you carry concealed, the more comfortable you’ll be. But you can no longer just grab your gun and go. Depending on where you live, there are a variety of places where your guns are forbidden. Know your state and local laws about schools, college campuses, and government offices, where the “gun free zones” in your community community are.

You never know just what situations you might encounter during the day. But, you should prepare as best you can. While you can never predict where you may encounter trouble. think about the stores you’ll be shopping in during the day and the types of people you’re likely to encounter. Be aware of your surroundings and situations that might require you to protect yourself.

2. Do I know the state and local laws concerning …read more

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