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By Brandon

By Luke McCoy via USA Carry

Even if you’ve always known which hand is your dominant one, you should test out which eye is dominant. There are a lot of people who discover that their marksmanship has been off for years just because they’ve been using the wrong eye to align the target.

If you are someone who is right handed and left eye dominant, you can probably get away with switching to your left hand for firearms like rifles and shotguns. But, for handguns, it’s not always convenient or comfortable to use your non-dominant hand. This is because the first hand on your handgun is usually your dominant one.

So, let’s discuss some techniques to make it easier to sight in on your target using your left eye and right hand. Fair warning: please DO try these techniques at the range. Don’t just take our word for them.

Right bicep cheek rest

Resting your right cheek to your right bicep, it’s easier to bring your left eye into alignment with the pistol sights. This is really more of a Weaver stance, with your left foot slightly forward and your right foot slightly back.

Isoceles shift

The very cool part about standing in the isoceles …Read the Rest

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