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By Tom Knighton

Ever since the McDonald decision, the Supreme Court has seemed very hesitant to take on another gun case. There have been some great opportunities, too, yet they haven’t.

Which is annoying. The Court has lifetime appointments primarily so they’re insulated from the whims of popular sentiment. They can rule as they feel compelled based on the Constitution without fear of public opinion pushing them out of office. That means tackling controversial issues shouldn’t be as thorny a problem for them as it would be for members of Congress or the president.

Now, at least, they’ll hear one. It’s a narrow problem that’s unlikely to yield major changes to how the Second Amendment is restricted here in this country, but they’re at least hearing one.

Yet the Second Amendment Foundation’s Alan Gottlieb thinks this is just the beginning.

The founder of the Second Amendment Foundation said last week he believes the “floodgates” are now open for the Supreme Court to take new gun rights cases after the Court agreed to hear a New York case.

“The anti-gunners said that when we won McDonald at the supreme court, that if the court rule that our way it would open the floodgates for second amendment …Read the Rest

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