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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

2A Armament - Lightweight Advantage in Sport Shooting
2A Armament – Lightweight Advantage in Sport Shooting

Boise, ID-( The weight debate is never ending in shooting sports. Heavy rifles and shotguns certainly have their place in the market, especially with big game hunters who locate their quarry long before taking the shot. However, Lightweight rifles have numerous advantages for sport shooting (and hunting for that matter).

The ability to quickly draw, mount and aim is significantly better with lightweight firearms. It becomes an extension of your body and maneuvers quickly for split second decisions. Heavy firearms require more effort and time to set up on a shot. They are also less stable and in many cases require a rest for accuracy.

Lightweight firearms also work really well with specialized accessories. They apply less pressure to mounting points and detach easily from quick release holsters and clips. Tactical equipment and lightweight rifles are a natural fit for sport shooting in casual and competitive environments. The simple fact that the stock rifle is lightweight makes it possible to add accessories, like advanced sights and lighting systems, without weighing down your system.

2A Armanent has perfected the combination of light weight and quality. Using the best materials available, their lightweight designs maintain …Read the Rest

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