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By Jacki Billings

The Xanthos-Lite offers a lightweight receiver for the AR-10 platform. (Photo: 2A Armament)
2A Armament grows its inventory of AR-10 rifle parts, introducing the Xanthos-Lite receiver for large frame .308 rifles.
Developed in-house at 2A Armament, the Xanthos-Lite offers a lightweight solution to AR-10 shooters looking for a solid yet manageable receiver for larger AR-10 builds. The receiver, machined from US sourced 7075-T6 billet aluminum, reduces weight while offering an integrated trigger guard. 2A Armament says the receiver’s forward assist was removed in order to bring the stripped upper and lower down to 16-ounces of total weight.
“Over the last few years, AR-style rifles chambered in 7.62 mm/.308 Win., have grown in popularity with various shooting communities,” 2A Armament said in a press release. “Unfortunately, while most AR-10 rifles are known for rugged reliability, they are also relatively heavy. As a result, many ardent shooters look to the 2A Armament Xanthos-Lite Receiver when building an AR-10 style rifle.”
The receiver features the 2A Armament logo. (Photo: 2A Armament)
The company added, “Everything about this Idaho-made receiver is designed around reducing weight while maintaining strength for heavy-duty use. As such, it can withstand the rigors of combat but is light enough to make a difference in


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