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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

Winchester .22 Magnum Ammunition

David reminds us of older, slower, rounds like the venerable .22 Magnum still have a place on our gun rack.

Winchester .22 Magnum Ammunition

USA -( In this day and age of high-velocity small bore rifle cartridges that have speeds advertised as almost capable of breaking the space-time continuum, older and slower rounds that while dependable are often shoved aside as being obsolete, and one of those is the venerable .22 Magnum .

.22 Magnum

Developed by in 1959 by Winchester, for their Model 61 pump rifle, the .22 Winchester Magnum, also called .22 WMR or Winchester Magnum Rimfire was a rimfire round that was designed for small game. Especially varmints like fox, raccoon, and even coyotes out to 100 yards, without doing a lot of damage to the hides.

The .22 WMR was very important thirty and forty years ago when fur prices were much higher, but now hunters don’t worry about the pelt damage as much, and in the last sixty years dozens of new rounds have been introduced that are much faster, but also much more destructive than the .22 Magnum. So what does the little rimfire round offer in this day and age?

While the .22 WMR Magnum might not …Read the Rest

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