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By Dean Weingarten

.22 Long Rifle Ammo Ammunition Bullets cropped
.22 Long Rifle Ammo Ammunition

Arizona -( Remington Thunderbolt .22 LR ammunition is on sale at Locked & Loaded In Pana Illinois and online at their website. Bricks of 500 are priced at $11.79, which is 2.36 cents per cartridge. The great .22 ammunition bubble, from late 2012 to the middle of 2017, is gone.

In June of 2014, I predicted that the bubble would have collapsed when prices fell below 4 cents a round for the cheapest .22 LR available. From

You will know that the bubble is close to the bottom when you see .22 LR on sale for below 4 cents per round. At the lowest, we might see .22 cartridges below $10 for 500.

As of October, 2017, .22 ammunition was commonly available below 4 cents a round. From

Federal American Eagle is as low as 3.8 cents per round, the Federal champion 510 round is just under 4 cents a round, and there are several offerings of Aquila Super Extra Standard Velocity from 3.7 cents to 4 cents a round.

$11.79 for a brick of Remington .22 is not $10, but it is …Read the Rest

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