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By Lee Williams

(Photo courtesy ATF Facebook page.)by Lee WilliamsThe Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives will set a record this year. ATF agents have already put more gun dealers out of business than ever before, and there are still two months left.The ATF does not make it easy to track its progress in Joe Biden’s war against American gun owners and gun dealers, which is by design of course. ATF’s data is sloppy and sometimes contradictory. Updates are not published in a timely manner. Also, the number of Federal Firearm License revocations does not tell the whole story. ATF has started using fear, threats and intimidation to coerce dealers into “voluntarily” surrendering their licenses. These numbers are not reflected by ATF’s Federal Firearm License revocation data.However, using two or three data sets and a bit of common sense, it is possible to analyze ATF’s annual enforcement efforts. The results prove beyond any doubt that the ATF has been weaponized by the Biden-Harris administration.There were 29 FFL revocations and “voluntary” surrenders during the last six months of 2021.There were 157 FFL revocations and “voluntary” surrenders during all of 2022.There were 292 FFL revocations and “voluntary surrenders during the first six months of

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