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By Patrick Sweeney

Browning 1911 380

Not every gun owner can comfortably pack a full-sized pistol for everyday carry. Differences in climate, body shape/physical condition, skill level and hand size can all influence what type of pistol is right for them. Below is a collection of compact carry pistols seen at the 2017 SHOT Show that, despite their reduced size, provide a compact yet shootable package in the right hands.

1911-380 Black Label Medallion Pro Compact
Yes, the .380 is considered a marginal caliber by some. But if the choice is a .380 or harsh words, most of us will opt for the much more comforting and effective .380 pistol.

The Browning 1911 .380 features a blackened stainless steel finish with silver brushed polished flats on the slide. The 1911 .380 is an 85 percent scale of the original, ideal for those with small hands or a need for absolute concealment. The sights are steel, your choice of three-dot combat sights or night sights. These come with a composite frame and century-proven 1911 ergonomic controls.

The Medallion Pro Compact is available in two slide lengths; the Compact has a shorter slide that is the equivalent of a Commander-sized pistol. The shorter slide makes for easier carry without reducing …Read the Rest

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