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By Jennifer Cruz

Two men from Charlotte, North Carolina, will spend the rest of their lives behind bars for the 2014 armed robbery, kidnapping, and murder of a suspected drug dealer, the Justice Department announced last week.
In September 2016, a federal jury convicted Carlos Antoine Benson, 37, and Jacob Ivan Hill, 36, of nine charges stemming from the robbery and murder. Benson was handed two consecutive life sentences and both men are required to pay $6,750 in restitution.
According to evidence presented to the court, Hill had routinely purchased a small amount of cocaine from an individual. However, on Nov. 12, 2014, Hill and Benson robbed the individual at gunpoint and instructed him to contact his supplier, who Hill and Benson also planned to rob. The man turned his cell phone over to Hill, who pretended to be the individual and arranged to meet the supplier later that day in the parking lot of an apartment complex in Charlotte.
The duo warned the man from who Hill had previously purchased cocaine that if he informed the supplier of their intentions, they would “off him.”
Later that day, as planned, the cocaine dealer went to the parking lot to meet his supplier. While armed with a handgun,


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