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By Dean Weingarten

Mexican High power Grips CloseL

By Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten

Arizona – -( This “Mexican” Browning High-Power was one of many fine firearms turned in at the Los Angeles gun “buy back” in May of 2014. It stands out because of the custom grips, which appear to be mother of pearl, inlaid with Mexican emblems and framed in silver.

The pistol has the slide at the full rear position, yet the barrel is only showing about 5/8ths of an inch in front. It should show about 1 3/8ths. Look at the other side.

Mexican High power GripsCloseR

The barrel is extending half way back above the magazine! It should not be in that position. Someone disassembled the pistol, then did not put it back together properly. Did they think it was broken? Is that is why they turned it in for $100? This sort of configuration can easily happen if the pistol is assembled without the recoil spring. The grips alone are worth a $100 to a person who likes that sort of art. Quite a bit of labor was expended in making those grips. The serial number shows as 10109. The serial number does not …read more

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