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By Jennifer Cruz

More than a dozen people involved in a drug trafficking operation based out of Milledgeville, Georgia, were indicted on various drug and gun-related charges, the Justice Department announced Wednesday.
The 51-count federal indictment, which was filed May 11, charged 16 people, all of who are in police custody.
The defendants are accused of conspiring to sell cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin. A number of the defendants, some of who are convicted felons, were also charged with firearm offenses. Authorities referred to the operation as a “large-scale drug organization.” During the investigation, federal agents seized large amounts of cocaine base, methamphetamine, heroin, and cash.
Named in the indictment are as follows:

Delma Goddard, 34, aka “Big Hxmie”
Chad Delacy Freeman, 43, “Big Bone”, “Bone Loco”
Cynthia Bolston Smith, 68, aka “Cynt”
Alonzo Butts, 43
Demetrius Jamel Harden, 31, aka “Meat Dawg”
Deshawn Ransom, 22, aka “Nephew”
Eric Demetrius Veal, 44
Everette Hill, 50
Derrick Mosley, 37, aka “D. Mo”
Ishmawiyl Abdhal Davis, 33, aka “NY”, “New York”
Travis Glenn, 39, aka “T,TG”
Edward Antonio Brown, Jr., 40, aka “Plug”
Montavious Jermell Barnes, 21, aka “Coot”, “Koot”
Jevon Deshawn Clark, 34, aka “Dub”, “J. Dub”
Demale Hampton, 40, aka “Rab”, “Rabbit”
Demond Monterio Dennis, 32, aka “Double Deuce”

If convicted, depending on the individual and the charge, penalties range from 5 years to


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