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By Chris Eger

The $300 Taurus G3c is positioned to give more expensive micro-compact 9mm pistols a run for their money (All Photos: Chris Eger/
The newest 9mm pistol installment from budget gunmaker Taurus, the G3c, brings an affordable 12+1 capacity subcompact to the carry market.
Announced last month, the G3c (c = compact) is a scaled-down version of the striker-fired Taurus G3 and uses a 3.2-inch barrel to achieve an overall 6.3-inch length. This is about an inch shorter than the company’s already popular third-generation of polymer-framed handguns, following in the wake of the G2 and PT111 Millennium Pro.
Weight of the G3c, unloaded, is billed as 22-ounces and we found that the gun, when stuffed with 13 rounds of 147-grain Federal Hydra-Shok JHP bulks up to 27.1-ounces. Height is 5.1-inches over the sights with the standard magazine inserted.
How does it compare in size?
The Taurus G3c, when stacked against one of the most common carry pistols in the country, the 15+1 shot Glock 19, l is about an inch shorter and 4-ounces lighter. While it should be noted that the Glock 26 is closer in size to the new Brazilain budget contender, it can be pointed out that the aforementioned “Baby Glock” runs a smaller


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