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By GDC Staff

With searches for $1200 firearms popping up, we thought we should offer some suggestions for those doing stimulus check gun math.
With that being said, we have a list of great shotguns, handguns, and rifles that are in stock (at time of publication) that scratch the $1,200 itch along with suggestions for the $600 (you can grab two!) $400 (3) and $300 (4) marks.
Shotgun: Browning Maxus
The Browning Maxus is one sweet, sweet scattergun
The top of the line when it comes to Browning’s modern gas-operated semi-automatic 12-gauge shotguns, the Maxus series use a Power Drive gas system is capable of cycling a variety of target game and slug loads. While several models run higher than a dozen Franklins, others in the Maxus line such as the Stalker are right on the money.
Rifle: Colt LE6920
With an M4 chrome-lined barrel that has a 1:7 rate of twist making your ammo choices virtually unlimited, the LE6920 is a classic.
Despite a pre-COVID rush that saw many of Colt’s rifles snapped up once word circulated that the company was temporarily switching their line away from the commercial market, we have some Colt LE6920 semi-automatic AR-15 series tactical rifles listed in stock.


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